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Dinámica de máquinas Diseños Avanzados Tecnologías de Envasado y Conservación
Machine Dynamics:

Designing mechanisms with high performance and reliability. Statistical and dynamic analysis of mechanisms. Minimising vibrations and noise in mobile systems. Optimising the vacuum-gas cycle.

Advanced Designs:

Designing hygienic machines and processes. Selecting building materials that are highly resistant to corrosion. Transport systems.

Packaging and Conservation Technology:

Microbiological tests. Optimising the useful life of the packaged product. Active and intelligent packages. Food safety standards and audits.

Maquinabilidad de Film Regulación y Control Robótica y Visión
Film Machinability:

Testing and validating films. Developing new sealing technology for technical and bioplastic films.  Package forming and sealing processes. Controlled film shrinking.


Industriele PC systemen. Industriele IT, communicaties en controle systemen. Traceability (RFID).



Ontwikkelingen van automatische handeling. Clamp design, vision en kwaliteits controle